20 Outdoor Fairy Garden Ideas for Kids (2024)

These easy Fairy garden ideas and fairy activities are sure to inspire kids of all ages to dig, plant, grow and engage in imaginative play!

Fairy gardens are the perfect way to connect your child with so many learning & sensory concepts and they are easy to create in your backyard, kitchen or classroom!

We have ours in our outdoor flower garden but today’s set of activities include ideas for both indoor and outdoor fairy set-ups!

I hope you find inspiration and enjoy planning your own mini garden play area!

It’s no secret that I love getting kids involved in gardening activites!

Gardening is great for so many reasons — the nature connection, learning where your food comes from, studying the science of plants and it’s just a good idea to dig in the dirt when you’re a child 😉

Pair that with the imaginative play of fairies — which inspire storytelling, building vocabulary, creative play and of course, reading books — and you have an activity that your kids will turn to again and again this Spring and Summer.

You’ll find a number of creative ideas below including tips for outdoor gardens, fairy crafts, indoor & outdoor play activities and affiliate links for some of our favorite books and items to pair with your fairy garden!

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Outdoor Fairy Garden Ideas

Introduce a few STEM ideas in this || Edventures with Kids

For an easy-to-care-for garden, build this DIY Succulent Fairy Garden || Arts & Crackers

Or try this All-in-One Fairy Garden Kit that can be used inside or outdoors!

Let your kids visit the garden store with you and choose which plants will be included in their garden. Then make these colorful DIY Pour Pots for their new plants as faries love rainbow colors!

I just adore this DIY Fairy Door on a Tree — perfect if you don’t have room for an outdoor garden! || Danya Banya

Need a fairy house? Try these Painted Fairy House Rocks instead || The Pinterested Parent

Don’t forget about those unique add-in items for imaginative play!

20 Outdoor Fairy Garden Ideas for Kids (3)

Use this free printable How Tall Will Your Plant Grow? activity to inspire math in your fairy garden!

Another great engineering challenge is to Build a Fairy House at the Park || Kitchen Counter Chronicles

Here are a few wonderful fairy garden layouts to inspire you too!

20 Outdoor Fairy Garden Ideas for Kids (4)20 Outdoor Fairy Garden Ideas for Kids (5) 20 Outdoor Fairy Garden Ideas for Kids (6)20 Outdoor Fairy Garden Ideas for Kids (7)

Books about Outdoor Fairy Activities

One of the biggest draws for an outdoor fairy garden is turning it into a play & reading area.

Taking books outside is such a great way to encourage literacy & spend an afternoon — just grab a picnic blanket or large beach towel along with some books and fun snacks!

We enjoy bringing a minature tea set outdoors with tiny food items such as slices of cheese sticks, mini crackers, blueberries (because they’re already the right size 😉 and other small items to eat.

You can also set up a Fairy Tent Canopy around your reading area too! (helps keep away the bugs 😉

A few of our favorite fairy books:

One of the best is How to Find Flower Fairies which reveals the secret places where fairies live!

Magical Secret Garden is an adorable pop-up fairy book with such detailed illustrations!

And A Fairy Friend is another beautifully illustrated book, cute story & lots to see on each page.

Or just grab a stack of your favorite nature books because fairies love nature too!

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Fairy Garden Crafts & Activities for Kids

Try these DIY crafts and activities for kids too — many can be added to your garden.

Fairy Garden Rocks || Peace but not Quiet

How to Make Fairy Furniture || Adventure in a Box

Recycled Milk Bottle Fairy Garden || The Gingerbread House

DIY Mini Leaf Envelopes & Letters for Fairies || Mother Natured

How to Create a Fairy Busy Bag || Little World Big Adventures

Pinecone Craft – Fairies || Red Ted Art

Mason Jar Fairy House Craft || Easy Peasy and Fun

Acorn Bells || Fireflies & Mudpies

More Garden Ideas for Kids:

DIY Garden Sundial

23 Free Printable Garden Activities

30 Gardening Activities for Kids

Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an expert in gardening and imaginative play, I can provide information related to the concepts mentioned in the article about fairy gardens and activities for kids. Fairy gardens are a wonderful way to engage children in gardening and imaginative play. They offer opportunities for learning and sensory experiences, both indoors and outdoors. Creating a fairy garden can be a fun and educational project for kids of all ages.

Learning and Sensory Concepts in Fairy Gardens

Fairy gardens provide a platform for children to explore various learning and sensory concepts. Here are some key concepts that can be incorporated into fairy garden activities:

  1. Nature Connection: Fairy gardens allow children to connect with nature by observing and interacting with plants, flowers, and natural materials. This connection to nature can foster a sense of wonder and appreciation for the environment.

  2. Science of Plants: Through fairy gardens, children can learn about the life cycle of plants, the importance of sunlight and water for growth, and the role of soil and nutrients. They can observe firsthand how plants grow and change over time.

  3. Imaginative Play: Fairy gardens inspire imaginative play, storytelling, and creative thinking. Children can create their own narratives and scenarios involving fairies, magical creatures, and miniature worlds. This type of play enhances language development, vocabulary, and communication skills.

  4. Literacy: Fairy gardens can be paired with books about fairies and nature to encourage reading and literacy skills. Children can bring their favorite books outside and enjoy reading in their fairy garden. This promotes a love for reading and creates a cozy and magical reading environment.

  5. Mathematics: Fairy gardens can incorporate math activities, such as measuring the height of plants, counting flowers or fairy figurines, and creating patterns with colored stones or pebbles. A printable activity like "How Tall Will Your Plant Grow?" can inspire math-related exploration in the fairy garden.

  6. Engineering and Design: Building fairy houses or creating miniature furniture for the garden can introduce children to basic engineering and design principles. They can experiment with different materials, shapes, and structures to create their own unique fairy dwellings.

  7. Art and Creativity: Fairy gardens provide opportunities for artistic expression through painting rocks, making fairy wands, crafting miniature accessories, and designing garden layouts. Children can explore their creativity and develop fine motor skills while adding personal touches to their fairy garden.

Outdoor Fairy Garden Ideas

The article mentions several outdoor fairy garden ideas that can be implemented in your own backyard. Here are some highlights:

  • DIY Succulent Fairy Garden: This idea combines the beauty of succulent plants with the enchantment of a fairy garden. Succulents are low-maintenance and can thrive in various outdoor environments.

  • DIY Fairy Door on a Tree: If you don't have enough space for an outdoor garden, you can create a whimsical fairy door on a tree. This adds a touch of magic and invites children to imagine fairies living in the tree.

  • Painted Fairy House Rocks: Instead of using traditional fairy houses, you can paint rocks to resemble fairy houses. This is a creative and budget-friendly alternative that allows children to personalize their fairy garden.

  • Add-In Items for Imaginative Play: Enhance the imaginative play in the fairy garden by adding miniature figurines, such as dragons, chickens, and fairies. Children can also incorporate small playset items or dollhouse accessories to create scenes and stories.

Indoor Fairy Garden Ideas

If you prefer to create a fairy garden indoors, the article suggests using a variety of containers, such as teacups or mason jars, to create miniature gardens. Here are some indoor fairy garden ideas:

  • Teacup Fairy Garden: Transform a teacup into a magical fairy garden by adding miniature plants, tiny accessories, and a touch of creativity. This is a great option for small spaces or for bringing the fairy garden indoors.

  • Mason Jar Fairy House Craft: Use a mason jar to create a fairy house complete with moss, miniature furniture, and LED lights. This DIY project can be a fun and engaging activity for kids, allowing them to design their own fairy habitat.

  • Recycled Milk Bottle Fairy Garden: Repurpose a milk bottle into a fairy garden by cutting out windows and doors, and filling it with soil and small plants. This eco-friendly project encourages creativity and resourcefulness.

Remember, fairy gardens are highly customizable, and you can adapt the ideas mentioned in the article to suit your preferences and available resources. Encourage children to actively participate in the planning, designing, and maintenance of their fairy garden to foster a sense of ownership and pride in their creation.

I hope these ideas inspire you to create your own fairy garden and engage in imaginative play with your children!

20 Outdoor Fairy Garden Ideas for Kids (2024)
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