51 BEST Fire Pit Ideas 2024: Backyard Landscaping And Design Ideas (2024)

Here are 51 of the best fire pit ideas.

We’ve got backyard fire pit ideas, along with examples for patios, porches, gardens, lawns, and even mansions.

You’ll have a clearer idea of what type of fire pit you like and how to best landscape it into your home and garden by the end of this post.

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Fire Pit And Landscaping Ideas

We have a lot of other dedicated fire pit content that I’ll link to throughout the post, but view our fire pit category here to see everything.

We also have a comprehensive fire pit buyers guide that breaks down the different types of fire pits, as well as the different shapes, fuels, and construction material options.

For those who like pictures of fire pits to get a better idea of what’s out there, here you go, starting with fire pit landscaping ideas.

Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

This fire pit is a real centerpiece in this garden landscape.

It’s a large wood-burning fire pit that looks like it could be made of copper. It has been placed on large garden tiles that can resist the heat, especially important because this one is very low to the ground.

The stonemasonry seating will make this spot a wonderful place for many to gather around and enjoy.

Another big fire pit in a stunning location – this time on a wooden deck at a modern home.

Also, take notice of the fire pit mat underneath the fire pit. This is a heat-resistant mat that protects the wooden deck from the heat from the pit. It’s super important because they will get damaged without one.

This is another smaller fire pit that is more portable – it’s obviously not in a permanent location because otherwise, the grass would have died.

A number of fire pits have these outer rings which make moving the fire pit a lot easier, especially if it’s still a little warm.

This is a simple fire pit idea for small backyards, and it’s good to see the fire has been lit.

It’s a small buying option that is perfect for courtyards, decks, and patios. Having some nice outdoor furniture to put around your new fire pit is also something you should consider when looking for one.

This propane fire pit table idea is in a fantastically green outdoor setting,

Propane is a good idea for those who don’t want to have to gather or buy firewood or continuously add wood to the fire. Also, there’s no smoke and ash blowing in your face!


This is another gas fire pit idea in a recessed space.

Having the fire pit area set down low like this means you won’t be hit with any cold wind coming through once the sun sets. You’ll be able to enjoy the heat all the more.

This pic is of my daughters and I roasting marshmallows over our Harbour Housewares fire pit.

If you’re looking for ideas on easy to move fire bowls, this could be it. It’s a small cast iron fire pit that really lights and we set it up in all different locations around our property.

We’re not in a position to properly landscape around a big one at the moment, so this one is great in the meantime. I now use it with the Safeparty fire pit mat to protect the grass.

This is the Solo Stove fire pit which is another good idea if you’re looking for portability.

It’s also known as being one of the best smokeless fire pits as it’s designed to do this well. It has a double wall and the venting at the bottom means it will burn more efficiently and cleaner (though you still need to remember to burn well-seasoned wood)!

A stone or concrete fire pit idea in a garden setting.

This is a very stylish design in such a cozy setting, with the perfect wooden garden furniture to relax. It’s another more permanent fire bowl set up for those who won’t need to move it around.

This fire pit set up is in the most spectacular location, right?

The view doesn’t get much more epic than this. When thinking about where to set up your fire pit, always consider the spot on your property with the view – or take a portable one to somewhere with a view!

This square backyard fire pit idea is another simple, stylish option that is low to the ground.

The fire pit design really suits the flat roof style design of the house and ties in nicely. The furniture even matches the fire pit, doesn’t it? Some people like to bring everything together like this, while others go for the more rustic, eclectic look!

Some more outdoor fire pit ideas, this time up in the mountains.

This looks like a square propane fire pit that again fits in really nicely with the surroundings.

The tiles and other landscaping make it an excellent spot to have a beer or wine after a hard day’s work. A good outdoor fireplace would also go nicely in this setting.

Another really posh fire pit design inset in the backyard.

While this type of thing is especially for those with a higher budget, it’s also for those who really want to invest in their fire pit area. It can be a central gathering point at your home.

Make sure you click through all of the images in this one for some more patio with firepit ideas.

This is a large tabletop fire pit meaning you can fit a lot of people around it and you’re not having to worry about adding wood. Sometimes the installation of these larger models can be more expensive, but it all depends on the exact fire table.

You can also buy fire pit conversation sets like this that include both your fire pit (usually a propane fire table) and your furniture.

This is the simplest backyard fire pit idea – it’s just a campfire made of stones!

If you haven’t yet decided on the best thing for you, just make a fire area out of rocks and stones (keeping in mind local fire ordinances). Get out the guitar around the campfire and sing your favorite songs.

Another alternative to the standard fire pit ideas is a big outdoor fireplace.

This model reminds me of the Sunjoy Outdoor Fireplace. It’s for those wanting to make a grand statement and who really want to invest in their outdoor space.

Another stone or concrete block idea for a fire pit – and it’s a really nice paving idea as well.

You can find these types of fire pits for sale with all the required parts, or you can simply buy them all separately and make a DIY fire pit yourself. Insert a good fire pit ring inside the concrete blocks.

Also, you can make them be propane or wood-burning depending on your preferred fuel.

It doesn’t get much more gourmet than this 300 bedroom home with a pool, basketball court, trampoline.

As you can see in the left of the picture it has a wonderful outdoor fire pit area set back from the swimming pool.

And if you look really closely, you’ll see a second smaller fire pit set back above the one in the foreground, and I don’t doubt there are more on the property (along with large aquariums, bowling alleys, and theater rooms)!

Though it’s difficult to tell, they look like propane concrete fire pits with steel inserts.

This next fire pit idea is a bit more basic, but nonetheless excellent.

While round fire pits are more common, a square or rectangular-shaped fire pit is also a good choice for many. The problem is that it can be difficult to fit more seating around them without it looking awkward.

A great fire pit table with a propane ring and lava stones.

The other commonly used product is fire glass, though personally, I think the lave stones look nicer. These types of fire pits are more decorative than anything else. They provide light, atmosphere, and something to gather around.

However, they don’t put out as much heat as a wood-burning fire pit.

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This is the Breeo fire pit, which is similar to the Solo Stove. However, some would argue it’s a bit more stylish.

It’s an easy one to transport or move around the garden, but it is also good to leave in a single permanent position. You can use it on the patio, deck, porch, or lawn – just remember to protect the grass underneath!

One of the cool things about this Breeo fire pit is that it is made from Corten Steel. Corten Steel is also known as weathering steel because unlike stainless it has a rust-colored appearance (though it’s not rust).

Check out these other top steel fire pits to see options in other types of steel.

Another great fire pit idea for camping or taking down to the local lake, beach, or park.

Grab the fire pit, some camp chairs, a few beers, and some cheese and crackers (or a few snarlers) and you’re all sorted for a great evening. Just remember that after putting out the fire pit you’ll have to wait a while before you can move it.

Another perfect setting made all the better with this cool fire pit idea.

It’s a copper wood-burning fire bowl. It won’t rust, will look good in the garden, and keep you warm on those cool evenings.

You can see this one doesn’t have dedicated landscaping done for it – everyone has somewhere in the backyard they can just put it down and enjoy.

If you’re looking for backyard outdoor fire pit ideas, here’s another one.

The landscaping on this one is really simple, but it looks really good. It has a stone block border and then a stone gravel ground cover.

The fire pit has a spark screen over it which is also a really good idea. This prevents most sparks and ashes from leaving the fire.

We find they are really good especially if there is a bit of a breeze or wind. Otherwise, you’re getting ash in the face and creating a fire risk with sparks.

Another simple fire pit idea for the backyard, this one also on garden tiles.

It’s also got the fire pit screen over top, plus a fire pit grill on the inside which could be used for cooking on once the fire has died down a bit. Nothing better than wood-cooked sausages!

This is a small fire pit idea – it’s not the focal point, but will still create a nice atmosphere in this backyard.

Swimming pool, hot tub, outdoor table, and a fire pit – this setting has it all really, doesn’t it? The fire doesn’t always need to be the center of attention either, sometimes it’s better sitting in the background.

This fire pit setting looks perfect.

It’s a large gas fire table that will put out a decent amount of heat and light in the cool and dark. The landscaping and furniture create a snug warm environment to settle down with a glass of wine.

When one fire pit isn’t enough, what do you do? Get two!

Here’s an idea on how to place two fire pits side-by-side, without it looking overly weird or strange. One does wonder, however, why they didn’t just get a single HUGE fire pit!?

A big fire pit in an idyllic setting!

While I don’t think there are any electric fire pits, options like this one do come with push-button ignition. They are gas-fueled but quick and easy to start and use.

This stunning propane gas fire pit idea looks to be made of polished concrete and clad with cedar.

You can see that it’s also tying in with the BBQ in the background. The entire landscaping and fire pit design is really nice and shows what can be done in an outdoor space.

This model is a combination fire pit and outdoor fireplace.

If there was a decent view going on behind it they could also have gone with a see-through or two-sided fireplace. These let you look through to the other side and can even be installed on the side of your home so that they are indoor/outdoor fireplaces.

There’s nothing like gathering around the fire pit with friends, it’s so much more memorable than sitting around nothing!

It’s always important to educate the kids on keeping safe around fire though, don’t leave it until an accident happens.

Want a patio with fire pit?

Try a simple model like this. Some fit pits can be bought with a stand but can be used independently from the stand. You can choose to use it up high or down low.

This is a good DIY rock fire pit idea, though that deck is intense!

You know someone is really into their fire pits when they build a deck around it or totally landscape their yard around it, as is the case in this example.

Another awesome inset square modern fire pit idea.

These types of setups can be very expensive, but they show you what is possible. There are always cheaper ways to do things while using top-of-the-line examples for inspiration.

A backyard fire pit in a delightful flower garden.

Having the landscaping around the fire in stones is a good idea as well as it will stand up to more use than grass or other types of surface.

Looks like everyone’s having fun – even the dog!

The landscaping and fire pit design are quick, easy, and simple, but it really sets the scene and makes this an area that will be loved by all.

This is the Breeo smokeless fire pit again, looking good in this spot.

A lot of people ask what to put on the grass under a fire pit to stop it from being killed, and these people have the right idea. If not a fire pit mat, then bricks, stones, tiles, and those sorts of things will do the job.

This is a small and simple cast iron fire pit.

It’s easy to transport, quick to set up and put away, and does the job.

Cast iron is a good material to use for a fire pit because it heats up and radiates out a lot of heat as well. When you start getting cold feet, you can just stretch them out near the fire pit and they’ll warm up fast!

A nice designer fire pit with blue fire glass.

When the sun starts setting, there’s nothing better than sitting around a fire with friends and family and enjoying one another’s company.

Here is some fire pit landscaping in progress.

You can see how it’s going to be a central feature of the outdoor area along with the swimming pool. No doubt the result will be an awesome area for many gatherings.


And last but not least, this is a Blue Rooster Chiminea.

What is a Chiminea? It’s a Mexican-style outdoor fire pit that comes in a huge range of materials, designs, sizes, and shapes. You can get them in cast iron, clay, steel, and so on. They are excellent for cooking in or on, plus they’ll help keep you warm outside.

Like many fire pits, a chiminea cover is essential to protect and prolong the life of your product.

Backyard With Firepit

If you want a backyard with a fire pit, hopefully, these images have given you a few good ideas.

Every day, thousands more awesome ideas on how to design a backyard with a fire pit are uploaded to Instagram. Head over there for design, landscaping, and examples of how to have the best outside fire pit.

If you can’t decide yet, check out these best portable propane fire pits for a temporary substitute.

Fire Pit Ideas: Enhancing Your Outdoor Space with Style

As an enthusiast in landscaping and outdoor design, I have extensive knowledge and experience in fire pit ideas, including their placement, construction materials, and landscaping options. I've studied numerous examples and designs, and I can provide you with insights on how to create a stunning fire pit area in your home and garden.

Fire Pit and Landscaping Ideas

This article showcases 51 of the best fire pit ideas, with examples for various outdoor spaces such as patios, porches, gardens, lawns, and even mansions. Each example offers unique features and design elements that can inspire you to create your own fire pit area.

Comprehensive Fire Pit Buyers Guide

To help you make an informed decision, I recommend exploring the comprehensive fire pit buyers guide mentioned in the article. This guide breaks down the different types of fire pits, including their shapes, fuels, and construction materials. It will provide you with valuable information to consider when selecting the right fire pit for your outdoor space.

Fire Pit Landscaping and Design

The article features a variety of fire pit landscaping and design ideas. Here are some key concepts used in the examples:

  • Heat-resistant materials: It's crucial to choose materials that can withstand the heat generated by the fire pit. Examples include large garden tiles, fire pit mats, and stone or concrete blocks.

  • Portable fire pits: Smaller fire pits with outer rings or lightweight materials offer portability and convenience. They can be easily moved and placed in different locations.

  • Propane fire pits: Propane fire pits are an excellent option for those who prefer convenience and a smoke-free experience. They eliminate the need to gather or buy firewood and provide a clean-burning flame.

  • Gas fire pits: Gas fire pits, such as those connected to natural gas lines, offer a continuous and easily controlled flame. Recessed gas fire pits can provide a cozy and wind-protected environment.

  • Wood-burning fire pits: Traditional wood-burning fire pits provide a classic ambiance and the crackling sound of burning wood. They require a steady supply of firewood and careful maintenance.

  • Fire pit tables: Fire pit tables combine the functionality of a fire pit with a tabletop surface. They provide a gathering space and can be fueled by propane or natural gas.

  • DIY fire pits: For a more personalized touch, you can create your own fire pit using rocks, stones, or concrete blocks. DIY fire pits offer flexibility in size, shape, and design.

  • Fire pit safety: It's important to prioritize safety when installing and using a fire pit. Consider using spark screens, fire pit mats, and following local fire ordinances to prevent accidents and protect your surroundings.

Creating Your Perfect Fire Pit Area

When designing your fire pit area, consider factors such as your outdoor space, desired ambiance, and budget. Incorporate elements such as comfortable seating, appropriate lighting, and complementary landscaping to enhance the overall experience. Remember to prioritize safety and consult local guidelines and regulations.

Whether you prefer a small, cozy fire pit or a grand, statement-making design, the examples provided in the article can serve as inspiration for your own unique outdoor space. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can create a fire pit area that becomes a focal point for gathering, relaxation, and enjoyment in your home and garden.

51 BEST Fire Pit Ideas 2024: Backyard Landscaping And Design Ideas (2024)
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