Garden, Lawn and Landscaping Edging Ideas (2024)

Untidy lawn edges can spoil your landscaping. It does not matter how beautiful your setup is, a ragged edge draws the eye to the wrong spot. Maintaining your lawn and your garden plants is definitely important.

However, without a crisp garden edge, your landscaping will look incomplete. Below you will find several garden edging ideas that will add that finishing touch to your design.


30 Garden, Lawn and Landscaping Edging Ideas

Reasons You Need Garden Edging

Choosing the Right Garden Edging Ideas

Clay Bricks and Concrete Pavers for Garden Edging

Plastic Garden Edging

Steel and Aluminium Garden Edging

Garden Fencing

Rocks and Boulders Lawn Edging

Wood Lawn Edging

Poured Concrete Edging

Trench Edge

30 Garden Edging Ideas for Your Garden

Take Your Pick and Enjoy Implementing theseGarden Edging Ideas

Reasons You Need Garden Edging

Garden, Lawn and Landscaping Edging Ideas (1)

If you have any type of landscaping, you need to incorporate edging. Edging will create clean lines that separate your lawn from your garden. Check out our reviews of the best lawn edgers to help you with your traditional lawn edging.

Below are just some of the reasons you should use garden edging:

  • Will add to the appeal of your home
  • Creates transitions
  • Accentuates beds
  • Produces clean lines.
  • Makes maintenance easier
  • Helps hold mulch and dirt in place
  • Enhances visual interest
  • Can move your eyes to a focal point
  • Prevents grass from growing into the garden
  • Inhibits garden plants from growing in the yard

Choosing the Right Garden Edging Ideas

When beginning your search for the perfect garden edging, it can be overwhelming. There are so many products to choose from. When making your final decision, take into consideration the looks, time it takes to install, durability, and price.

Below you will find the most popular kinds of garden edging.

Clay Bricks and Concrete Pavers for Garden Edging

Garden, Lawn and Landscaping Edging Ideas (2)

Clay bricks and concrete pavers are some of the most popular types of garden edging ideas. They are decorative, versatile, long lasting, and easy to work with.


  • Lasts for years
  • Easy to install


  • Heavy
  • Can move over time
  • May need to be releveled every few years

Plastic Garden Edging

Garden, Lawn and Landscaping Edging Ideas (3)

Plastic edging is ideal for anyone looking for inexpensive garden edging ideas that are easy to undertake. It does not add a decorative element, but they do add a barrier between your lawn and garden making maintenance easier. Plastic garden edging is available in long rolls and individual segments.


  • Easy to install
  • Inexpensive
  • Flexible


  • Easily damaged
  • Sun will dry it out
  • Needs replaced every few years
  • Not as aesthetically pleasing as other edging

Steel and Aluminium Garden Edging

Metal edging is a step up from plastic. It is easy to install and somewhat flexible. Unlike plastic, metal will last longer while being more visibly appealing.

You can find metal edging made from steel and aluminium. Aluminium will not rust, and it is lightweight. Steel will rust, and it is heavy.


  • Easy to install
  • Strong yet somewhat flexible
  • Lasts for years


  • Edges can be sharp
  • Steel can rust
  • Not as aesthetically pleasing as other edging

Garden Fencing

Garden, Lawn and Landscaping Edging Ideas (5)

Garden fencing comes in a wide variety of styles and colours. It is available in metal, plastic, and wood. It is easy to install and adds a quick design element without too much work.


  • Good for small gardens
  • Can add a decorative element


  • Hard to trim around
  • Easily damaged
  • Does not keep the grass out

Rocks and Boulders Lawn Edging

Garden, Lawn and Landscaping Edging Ideas (6)

Natural stones come in a wide variety of shapes and colours. They are a great way to add organic elements. Since they are natural and nonuniform, you do not have the pressure to create perfect lines and curves. You can also add large boulders to create height and dimension.

There is a lot of possibilities when it comes to using rocks in the garden. So much so, you can even set up a rock garden or rockery for a more low maintenance garden.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Look natural


  • Heavy
  • Can get costly

Wood Lawn Edging

Garden, Lawn and Landscaping Edging Ideas (7)

Wood is a great choice for anyone wanting an inexpensive, natural look. There are a lot of wood lawn edging ideas. You can use materials such as bamboo, cedar shake, recycled pallets, landscaping timbers, and more.


  • Looks natural
  • Untreated wood is eco-friendly


  • Rots and needs to be replaced

Poured Concrete Edging

Garden, Lawn and Landscaping Edging Ideas (8)

Poured concrete edging has a clean, modern look. Once set up, the edging requires very little maintenance, and it will last for years. If you have the time and knowledge, you can form and pour the concrete yourself.

If you are new to working with concrete, look into hiring a professional. If you do decide to do it on your own, our guide for choosing the best cement mixers will surely help you out.


  • Will last for a long time
  • Has a clean, modern look
  • Can be coloured and stamped


  • Cannot be moved
  • Time-consuming installation

Trench Edge

If you do not like the look of other garden edging ideas, install a trench. You can still make a clean, crisp edge around your garden beds without spending any money. Simply grab your shovel or spade and get busy digging.


  • Inexpensive
  • Natural


  • Heavy rains can damage the edge
  • Bed can flood
  • Requires quite a bit of maintenance

30 Garden Edging Ideas for Your Garden

If you are on the search for garden edging ideas, get ready to be inspired. Below you will find 30 ideas that will help beautify your home and garden.

1. No Dig Edging

Garden, Lawn and Landscaping Edging Ideas (10)

Edging is often partially buried to help keep it in place. Digging can be hard and time-consuming depending on the type of ground you are working with. If you do not want to do any digging, look into no-dig edging.

2. Slate Landscape Edging

Garden, Lawn and Landscaping Edging Ideas (11)

Source: ©hcast –

Set large pieces of slate upright to build a wall. The piece will make a wall that looks like it has some structure. Over time the slate pieces can start to fall over. The deeper you insert them into the ground, the sturdier they will be.

3. Trench Edging

If you are looking for inexpensive landscaping edging ideas, dig a trench. You do not need to use pavers or other materials to create a clean edge.

All you need is some time and a spade or shovel. Maintenance only requires you to work on the edge from time to time.

4. Flower Bed Brick Edging

Garden edging can make it easier to maintain your lawn. This is one of the garden edging ideas that we love. You can run your mover directly over the horizontal pavers.

This will eliminate the need to bring out the whipper snipper. There is very little maintenance required to keep the edging looking perfect.

5. Sawtooth Garden Edging

Garden, Lawn and Landscaping Edging Ideas (14)

Create a simple yet distinct border, using a sawtooth brick edging. The edge is made with traditional red bricks. The bricks are installed at an angle creating the saw tooth design. You can often find the edging around flower beds at old cottages.

6. Brick Garden Edging

Garden, Lawn and Landscaping Edging Ideas (15)

You do not have to hire a professional to get a stunning garden edge. You can create this elegant border by yourself. Simply dig the trench and level it with some gravel.

Then place the block on top. Since the blocks are set in the ground, there will be very little maintenance required.

7. Add Lights to Your Garden Edge

You put a lot of work into creating the perfect landscaping. So, why not show it off at night too? It is easy to do with the installation of lighting. You can use rope lights, solar lights, or hire an electrician to install permanent lighting.

8. Creative Pebble Borders

Garden, Lawn and Landscaping Edging Ideas (17)

The use of pebbles can create a natural look. And they add colour, interest, and texture. However, they can move around a lot. If you want a pebble border and are not interested in constantly rearranging the stones, you can set them in concrete.

9. Lay a Flagstone Border Wall

Garden, Lawn and Landscaping Edging Ideas (18)

Large, heavy flagstones can be placed directly on the soil. There is no need to dig down to create a base. If you are using small flagstones, you will want to make a solid base.

Stack the flagstones on top of each other, staggering each row to create a natural retaining wall.

10. Concrete Landscape Kerb

Garden, Lawn and Landscaping Edging Ideas (19)

If you are looking at permanent garden edging ideas that require little maintenance. Pour a kerb. Concrete kerbs look clean and will last for years.

To make a kerb, you will need to prep the area, make the forms, and pour the concrete. Just note that if you make a mistake, it is not easily rectified.

11. Log Roll Edging

Log roll edging is one of our favourite garden edging ideas. It is becoming very popular in Australia. It is easier to install than typical logs and it looks professional.

The log rolls are made from real wood, so they add to the natural elements of your garden.

12. Recycled Pallet Wood Lawn Edging

Wood pallets are a crafter’s dream. They can be used for so many things. So, when searching for garden edging ideas, it was no surprise to find this creative border.

Since pallets are made from wood, the edging will not last forever. However, you can treat the wood before installing it to make it last longer.Find out more ways to recycle pallets here.

13. Curved Garden Edge

Garden, Lawn and Landscaping Edging Ideas (22)


Straight walkways can be boring. Add visual interest by creating some curves. It will make the area more fun and welcoming while adding a bit of whimsy.

14. Decorate the Small Areas

Garden, Lawn and Landscaping Edging Ideas (23)

Source: Caron Swales

Narrow spaces are often overlooked when creating a garden area. If you have a small area, you have been neglecting, add a narrow walkway with an adjoining garden.

15. Bamboo Garden Edging

Bamboo is a great choice if you are looking for an eco-friendly, natural option. You can place the pieces in the ground by themselves or bind them together using a rope.

Since bamboo reeds are round, they are a wonderful choice for curved garden beds. Untreated bamboo will only last about 2 years. Treated, it can last up to 20 years.

16. Use Boulders to Create Garden Edging

Garden, Lawn and Landscaping Edging Ideas (25)

Do you have access to a surplus of large boulders? Use them to create garden edging. Natural stones come in a wide variety of colours. You can mix and match or use a single colour.

Create a combination of large and small rocks, or pick stones that are basically the same size.

17. Install a Dry Creek Bed

A dry creek bed will add interest while providing drainage. Garden edging ideas that incorporate a dry creek bed are ideal for areas that have an issue with excess water. You can also use the beds for downspouts.

18. Brick Garden Edging

Garden, Lawn and Landscaping Edging Ideas (27)

Source: Kolin Smith

There are a lot of garden edging ideas using clay pavers. You can set them in concrete or by themselves. They can be artfully created to create an attractive border between your lawn and garden.

Clay bricks are extremely durable and can last for hundreds of years. Since the ground naturally moves, you may need to fix the layout of a few bricks every few years.

19. Use Recycled Materials for Garden Edging

Show off your artistic side using old materials. You can use a wide variety of materials, from glass bottles to bike tires and china dinner plates. These materials can add a fun pop of colour and nostalgia.

20. Wattle Edging

The wattle technique has been used for centuries. All you need is a large pile of fresh brushwood. The completed edging will look like the side of a basket. Once the edging wall is complete, it is surprisingly sturdy.

21. Construct a Gabion Garden Wall Edging

Garden, Lawn and Landscaping Edging Ideas (30)


You can create a wide variety of retaining walls using all different types of materials. Choose a wall that will complement your outdoor design.

Using a retaining wall will also give you the ability to create raised flower beds. You can create several beds of different heights to add to the overall design.

Pick from these 25 Raised Garden Bed Ideas and Tutorials.

22. Large Cut Stone Edging

If you are searching for grass edging ideas, look into large cut stones. The stone adds a dramatic effect, and they can be used as seating. They work great lining walkways and driveways.

Since they are stone, they will last for a very long time. And they are extremely heavy, so they will stay in place.

23. Landscape Around Your Trees

Landscaping around your trees will give your lawn a professionally maintained look. And it can make lawn care easier. If you bury the edging flush with the ground, you can mow right over the top, eliminating the need for a whipper snapper.

24. Make a Stack Brick Garden Border

Garden, Lawn and Landscaping Edging Ideas (33)

Bricks are always a great choice. You can place them flush on the ground, at an angle, or build a wall. If you are creating a raised flowerbed or looking for a way to separate your patio, create a short brick wall.

The bricks will last for years. The wall only needs maintenance when the bricks start to slip out of place.

25. Landscaping with Railroad Ties

Garden, Lawn and Landscaping Edging Ideas (34)

Source: Jean-Marc Giboux/Getty Images

Railroad ties are often very easy to come across. Railroads replace ties regularly, creating a large supply. You can also find new ties that have never been used.

If you are looking for rustic garden edging ideas, railroad ties may just be the thing you are looking for.

26. Terra Cotta Pipe Edging

Terra cotta has been around for thousands of years. It has been used to make pots, sculptures, shingles, and more. So, it is only fitting that it can be used in garden edging ideas too.

You can buy terra cotta landscape edging made specifically for the garden. Or get creative and use pipes or flowerpots.

27. Scalloped Brick Edging

Scallop edging adds a classic design element to your landscaping. It is a nice choice for lining gardens, flowerbeds, and walkways. They are easy to install, and they require very little maintenance.

28. Timber Garden Edging

Timber edgings are usually cheaper to build than many other types of garden edging. They can be a good choice for driveways and gravel paths.

They are often laid flush with the ground. Timber edgings will last for about 5-10 years. If you choose to use timber, check to see if it has been treated. Some treated lumber has chemicals that are not safe for gardens.

29. Slate Chips Garden Edging

Form a wide border using slate chips or other small aggregate. You will start by sketching out your design and digging out a ditch to hold the chips in place. The garden edging can be used to create contrast.

30. Aluminium Edging

Aluminium edging is the perfect choice for homeowners looking for garden edging ideas that diaper into the landscaping. The edging can be used to make straight runs and curves.

And once installed, it is practically maintenance free. The aluminium will not rot, crack, or rust.

Take Your Pick and Enjoy Implementing theseGarden Edging Ideas

You have spent a lot of time designing and planting your garden landscaping. Now it is time to put the finishing touches on your project using one or more of these garden edging ideas.

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Garden Edging Ideas

The article discusses various garden edging ideas that can add a finishing touch to your garden design. Here are the concepts covered in the article:

Reasons You Need Garden Edging: The article emphasizes the importance of using garden edging to create clean lines, accentuate beds, make maintenance easier, and prevent grass and garden plants from encroaching on each other.

Choosing the Right Garden Edging Ideas: The article highlights the factors to consider when choosing garden edging, such as looks, installation time, durability, and price.

Clay Bricks and Concrete Pavers for Garden Edging: Clay bricks and concrete pavers are popular options for garden edging due to their versatility, durability, and ease of installation. However, they may require releveling over time.

Plastic Garden Edging: Plastic edging is an inexpensive option that creates a barrier between the lawn and garden, making maintenance easier. However, it may get easily damaged and needs to be replaced every few years.

Steel and Aluminium Garden Edging: Metal edging, such as steel and aluminium, offers durability and a more visually appealing option than plastic. Aluminium is lightweight and rust-resistant, while steel is heavier and may rust over time.

Garden Fencing: Garden fencing comes in various styles and materials, including metal, plastic, and wood. It adds a decorative element to the garden but may be challenging to trim around and may not keep grass out.

Rocks and Boulders Lawn Edging: Natural stones and boulders provide an organic and low-maintenance option for garden edging. They come in various shapes and colors and can be used to create height and dimension in the garden.

Wood Lawn Edging: Wood, such as bamboo, cedar shake, and landscaping timbers, offers an inexpensive and natural look for garden edging. However, it may rot over time and require replacement.

Poured Concrete Edging: Poured concrete edging provides a clean and modern look that requires minimal maintenance. It can be colored and stamped for added visual appeal but cannot be easily moved.

Trench Edge: If you prefer a simple and inexpensive option, you can create a clean edge by digging a trench. However, heavy rains can damage the edge, and it requires regular maintenance.

30 Garden Edging Ideas for Your Garden: The article provides 30 different garden edging ideas, including no-dig edging, slate landscape edging, flower bed brick edging, sawtooth garden edging, and many more. Each idea is accompanied by a description and an image to inspire and guide readers in implementing these ideas in their own gardens.

By discussing these concepts and providing insights into various garden edging ideas, I hope to demonstrate my expertise and depth of knowledge in landscaping and gardening.

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